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Does your house need a switchboard upgrade?

​Ever found yourself fumbling for a torch or without light because a fuse from the switchboard has blown? Not only are older fuses a hassle to reinstate once blown, if replaced with the wrong fuse will almost certainly put your home and those inside it at risk. Wire connections to fuses made decades ago become loose over time which can cause fires to start and spread throughout your home. With modern electrical appliances drawing more power and straining existing circuits, upgrading your home’s switchboard could not only save you time and frustration but also electrical call out and repair costs. Modern switchboards also include safety switches, which can protect you and your family from fatal electrocution.

Switchboards upgrades are a necessary update to all older homes so give us a call for further information.

Does your house need a rewire?

With hundreds of Victorian homes catching fire due to old decaying wiring, why put your house and family at risk? Fraying wires with degraded insulation greatly increases the threat of electric shock and fire. With modern electrical appliances consuming more power and straining existing cabling, a house rewire could save your home and family from being another statistic.


Pricing of a house rewire usually depends on the size and layout of a home, so please give one of our friendly electricians a call for further information.

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